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Designed specifically to address the size requirements of many "cat only" clinics and those with extremely limited operatory space, the Theramax™ DXs model was introduced as the smaller ultra-compact cousin to our Theramax™ DX veterinary dental wet table. Don't let the word "small" fool you… despite its smaller table-top dimension, it has the same powerful features and functionality found on our larger tables. Clinically, we routinely use these smaller tables to comfortably work on Labs, Retrievers and most dogs under 100 pounds!

The Theramax™ DXs is a completely self-contained veterinary dental + surgical lift table built on the same innovative design and treatment features that made the Theramax™ DX so unique. No fixed plumbing is necessary thanks to integrated dual 1-liter water bottles and the 1.5 gallon drainage basin. All your dental handpieces and air/water syringe are powered by the silent on-board compressor which supplies a constant flow of pressurized air for even the most demanding case loads. The dental console can be configured with powerful options such as handpieces with fiber-optic light source, a piezo scaler, and dual High-speed drills.

Positioning animals for skull radiography or performing dentistry has never been easier thanks to innovative “form meets function” design features. The adjustable stainless steel V-fold panels help easily position the patient in dorsal recumbancy. This allows for greater speed and less fatigue in performing dental cleanings as staff members can visualize and clean all arcades and perform intra-oral radiographs without flipping the patient. The smooth electronic lift and foot pedal allow for hands-free height adjustment while maintaining optimal ergonomic operator positioning. Whether seated or standing, the station can be fine-tuned to staff members’ individual height requirements.

Cleanup is easy thanks to the removable basin, grill, and “V” trough which can be cleaned at any sink. This eliminates the need for expensive fixed plumbing or an under table pail which interferes with the operator when seated. The clear high-impact Lexan® grill and ABS plastic basin ensure extreme durability in protecting against accidental drops and bumps. Variably sized ported openings within the grill allow for effective fluid run-off and containment in the basin during dental procedures.





  • Integrated silent compressor unit
  • Dual 1-liter reservoir self-contained clean water system
  • Easily accessible compressor tank release valve
  • 28” articulating arm supporting a three-handpiece automatic-control head with three-way air/water syringe
  • Single set of High-speed + Low-speed handpieces included
  • Articulating arm with instrument / laptop tray attachment
  • Piezo / Ultrasonic scaler *
  • High-speed drill with Fiber Optic light source *


  • Variable-height design for seated or standing procedural work.
  • 250Lb+ capacity electronic lift motor for smooth & quiet operation
  • Medical-grade lockable casters for easy placement or use in multiple rooms
  • Removable wet basin and drainage conduit for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable 0°-60° ±15° stainless steel V-fold panels for patient positioning
  • 4 easily positioned tie-down restraint anchors
  • Industrial-grade multi-position foot control switch for height adjustment
  • Integrated mounting rail to support patient warming systems (Bair Hugger® / etc)
  • Multi-outlet power connectivity [3 switched external outlets + 5 internal]
  • 9-foot heavy-duty grounded black power cord with integrated storage cleat
  • IV Pole *


Top Dimensions: 48”L x 18.5”W | 130 x 60 cm
Table Surface Height: adjustable from 34” - 50” | 86 - 127cm
Lifting Capacity: 250 lb | 113 kg
Basin Fluid Capacity: 1.5 gallons
Power Supply: 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz

* optional accessories


Further enhance your clinical productivity and streamline your workflow. All accessories below include mounting brackets to attach directly to the Theramax™ line of veterinary surgical and dental wet lift tables.

Halogen Surgical Spot Light
Halogen Surgical Spot Light
IV Pole
IV Pole with mount
Dual High-speed Drills
Dual High-speed Drill Setup
Fiberoptic Light Source
Fiber-optic handpiece
Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler
Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler