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High-speed Handpiece with fiber-optic Light Source

High-speed handpiece with Fiberoptic Light Source

As an option for all our dental consoles, a handpiece "fiber-optic" illumination system can be integrated into the console to provide even more functionality. This provides a light source located in the tubing with an automatic 13 second time delay shutoff. The light on/off function is automatically controlled by an air-electric switch: activate the drill and the light comes on. The high intensity Krypton bulb and its connections are protected by the stainless steel sleeve.

High-speed drills equipped with a fiber-optic light source allow for much better visualization when operating in the back of the mouth. This is especially important as overhead surgical lighting is often difficult to position in order to properly illuminate the entirety of a patient's mouth.


System Type: High-speed handpiece with "fiber-optic" illumination system
Bulb Type: High-color rendition Krypton bulb
Connection: Flexible asepsis tubing houses the fiber-optic line which terminates in a standard 5-hole (ISO-B) handpiece connector.
Power: 120 VAC to 3.5 VAC transformer, unit plugs directly into one of the integrated 120V oulets within Theramax™ tables.
Construction: Stainless steel sleeve protects bulb and connections