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Surgiden Theramax DXs

Theramax™ DXs | Ultra-compact Mobile Wet Lift Veterinary Dental Table

Designed specifically to address the size requirements of many "cat only" clinics and those with limited operatory space, the Theramax™ DXs model was introduced as the smaller ultra-compact cousin to our Theramax™ DX veterinary dental wet table. The Theramax™ DXs is a completely self-contained veterinary dental + surgical lift table built on the same innovative design and treatment features that made the Theramax™ DX so unique. Learn more…

Surgiden Theramax DX

Theramax™ DX | Mobile Wet Lift Veterinary Dental Table

The Theramax™ DX is a completely self-contained veterinary dental lift table that serves just like a standard veterinary surgical table with the additional benefit of a fully integrated dental console, handpieces, compressor, and dual water bottles. All your dental handpieces and the air/water syringe are powered by the silent on-board compressor which supplies a constant flow of pressurized air even for the most demanding case loads. The dental console can be configured with powerful options such as handpieces with fiber-optic light source, a piezo scaler, and dual High-speed drills. Learn more…


Halogen Surgical Spot Light

Halogen Surgical Spot Light with mount

A highly flexible cool-to-the-touch halogen surgical light that goes where you need it! The easily mountable 34" goose-neck with a head switch can be placed on any of the four table corners for exact lighting where overhead lighting fixtures just cant reach. This halogen surgical light has a high intensity spot rating of approximately 3000 Foot candles. Learn more…

IV Pole

IV Pole with mount

The IV Pole is telescoping stainless steel that can be extended over 5 feet in height from the table surface. The powerful mount can support multiple IV solution bags or even a fluid pump (which can be plugged directly into the tables on-board electrical outlets.) Learn more…

Dual High-speed Drills

Dual High-speed Drill Configuration [DX/DXs models only]

A dual drill setup reduces the necessity of constantly changing out burs while also minimizing patient anesthetic time during multiple surgical extractions. In such a setup, the second High-speed drill is added in addition to the standard single high-speed + low-speed drill + air/water syringe. Learn more…

Fiberoptic Light Source

Handpiece with Fiber-optic Light Source [DX/DXs models only]

High-speed drills equipped with a fiber-optic light source allow for much better visualization when operating in the back of the mouth. This is especially important as overhead surgical lighting is often difficult to position in order to properly illuminate the entirety of a patient's mouth. Learn more…

Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler [DX/DXs models only]

Combining the benefits of powerful Newtron® technology in the state-of-the-art control module and the ergonomics of the patented Satelec Color Coding System, the P5 Newtron® provides the best performance and the widest choice of ultrasonic instruments available in the marketplace today. Learn more…


Heated Radiographic Patient Positioner with Warming Blanket

Heated Radiographic Patient Positioner with Warming Blanketnew icon

Our heated radiographic patient positioning “cradle” effectively combines two elements critical in any procedural work: proper patient positioning and maintaining body temperature. Easy connection to most major brands of patient warming systems + use of our semi-porous blanket provides all-over (over & under) heat to your patients. Learn more…

X-Ray P.A.L.™ Dental Radiography Positioning Model

X-Ray P.A.L.™ | Veterinary Dental Radiographic Positioning Model

X-Ray P.A.L.™ is a flexible positioning model that helps new personnel practice taking radiographs on both cat and dog skulls. This eliminates the need to keep animals anesthetized while veterinary staff are learning how to get the proper views and exposure required to make an accurate diagnosis. Learn more…

Oral Surgery & Dentistry Instrument Kits

Oral Surgery & Dentistry Instrument Kits

We’ve designed our kits by hand selecting instruments that provide practitioners maximum clinical versatility and effectiveness in managing oral surgery and dental cases. Learn more…

Integrated suction

Educational "Learn-How" DVD | Veterinary Dental Radiographic Positioning Techniques